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The Lydia Movement September 7, 2011

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As I finish up my D.Min. degree at Gordon-Conwell, I am also in the process of starting a new ministry to women, The Lydia Movement.  I believe God is creating a global movement using women to build His Kingdom.  A new mission a new way to empower women.

Lydia was the first Christian convert in Europe.  She was a business owner and active in the Philippian church.

Mission:  To mobilize women to invest their influence as leaders in the world for God’s purposes.

Vision:  To equip women leaders with the tools they need to impact others in business, governance, and community with Christian
principles and witness.

Global Strategy:  Partnering with local churches and ministries in countries where women are emerging as economic and governmental catalysts.  To provide leadership development, build vocational skills, Christian discipleship, and relational

Why the Lydia Movement? It is meeting a need that is missing in Christian mission work globally.  In the West and the East, women in workplace leadership are not being equipped with a Biblical worldview of leadership.  The sacred / secular divide is still
prevalent today.  Many Christian women in America do not have an opportunity to use their workplace skills in the church,
so they go to secular non-profits to serve.  What can be done?

  • Provide Biblical worldview of leadership to  workplace leaders globally.
  • Build a team of indigenous women leaders to  work with the women in their country who are pursuing business, governance, and  community development.
  • Provide US women a place to serve using their  workplace skills by engaging with leaders in other countries through in country  seminars and conferences.  Follow up and  mentoring would be done via webcasting and Skype.

Current Opportunities:

Kenya has United Nation Millennium Development Goals to be met by 2015.  They will have an election in 2012; depending on who is elected will determine if these goals will be met.  Because one of these goals is gender equality- empowerment of women, there is an opportunity for professional Christian women to influence the direction of their country.

  • 1/3 of the Kenyan Parliament must be women (constitutionally mandated)
  • Christians are still in control, but Muslims are waging a battle to take over the government.
  • Kenya’s population is now 51% women.
  • Women leaders make health care, education,  and nutrition a priority for their country.

The ministry partner in Kenya/Tanzania is Solomon Kimuyu, PhD, Solomon Center for Leadership.  Fall ministry trip to Kenya /Tanzania is in October.  Purposes for this trip are:

  • To speak at a Kenyan Bishops conference in Nairobi concerning how the church has lost its connection to society, can it
  • To speak at a Professional Women’s conference in Nairobi concerning the opportunities for women in society – business,
    government, and community.
  • To speak at local churches on Sundays.
  • Meet with local women leaders in Kenya and Tanzania to hear leadership needs, and start to make plans to meet those needs going forward.

Opportunity International has started a bank for micro-lending in Raipur, India.  These loans are empowering Hindu women to start a business that will provide food and education for their families.

  • Women represent 70% of those living on less than $2 a day.
  • Women spend 90% of their income on their families, while men typically spend 35%.
  • Women, who contribute to family finances, have greater decision making power, resulting in better nutrition, health, and
    education for their children.  When family needs are met, women are more likely to invest in their communities.

The ministry partner in Raipur, India is The Alpha and Omega Society (supported by Stonebriar Community Church).  Fall
ministry trip currently scheduled November.  Purposes for this trip are:

  • Provide Hindu women with business skill training
  • Share Christian principles applying those principles to business.
  • Meet with local Christian leaders to discuss needs of these Hindu women and start to make plans on how to meet those needs going forward.

Partners are needed to help make this ministry grow and develop.  Support for the Fall trips to Africa and India is needed.  Would you consider participating?

The Lydia Movement is part of the Alliance Partnership, a 501c3 ministry of Proven Way Ministries ttp://provenway.org/partners.html which is ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability) approved.  Checks for The Lydia Movement please send to:

  Kathy Morgan

Glasshouse Walk

TX 75035

On line contributions may be made through this link http://provenway.org/partners.ht



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