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Preparing for India October 10, 2010

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Preparing to go on a new adventure that will start this week.  My mind wants to know what is it going to be like?  what  will I experience? What will happen from this trip?  I have many things to do before I go….my mind goes in many directions.  I am asking the Lord for an upgrade (I am on the standby list) for my Chicago to Delhi, Delhi to Chicago legs of the trip so I can sleep.  I want to be rested so I can mentally/physically function and not be achy when I get there (Fibromyalgia much better but not completely gone).  

As a visionary, I see the power of God at work in so many ways in so many places around our world.  We are entering a time we have studied and read about, but are not sure of how it will all happen.  I can either stress out about my life, our country, our world, or do what I am called to do following Him.   Keeping the faith is drawing closer to Him, knowing  that being used by Him, intimacy with Him, is what I desire the most.  Keeping the faith is not persevering through difficult times until I get what I need or want so I can feel happy, relieved, settled again.  I am realizing more and more that expectations of work, family, and life is not what my generation thought it would be….

How honored I am that I can get to know the Hindu women in India, who have received their first micro-loan this year to start a business.  Most are single Moms who want to feed their children and give them education.  I am honored to get to know the students at the Good Smaritan School in Delhi, who have come from the streets, and are on the path to a better life through Him.