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Alien in a foreign land October 17, 2010

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Church service in RaipurI have now been in India for 2 days, and my days and nights are blurred…it is 4:39am Monday morning.  My body is slowly adjusting to “sleep” time.  My flight from Chicago to Delhi was on time and the flight was good…packed plane (which is normal for all AA flights these days) with many from India including families with small children.  Everyone slept on board including the kids, which is a blessing in itself.  I was lucky to have a 2 seat aisle next to the window.  The Indian man sitting next to me was probably in his early forties, extremely bright, an editor and publisher of technical magazines.  He had just left a convention in Las Vegas, on his way home to Delhi.  We had a great conversation about many things….US politics, culture, Indian politics, culture, and many ways India is similar to the US.  He was extremely helpful with tips and things to do when I am in Delhi.  In a small cramped space, this encounter made my plane ride enjoyable.  I had a very short stay (about 6 hours) in Delhi before it was time to board my flight to Raipur. 

Raipur is the capital of the state of Chhattisgarh located in central India.  Lots of new building, new roads, and “cleanup” for this capital in a fairly new state.  The contrast amongst the people is amazing…extreme poverty and a middle class.  Chhattisgarh is one of the poorest states in India, which is apparent when you see the crowds along the road as we drive by.  Water buffalo and cows mingle on the roads with adults and children eating through piles of trash.  Many are in the streets participating in a Hindu festival that will last several weeks.  Schools are out so families can participate together in worship throughout the day…the air is full of incense, idols the size of large statues are everywhere.  The scene looks like a rock concert at the State Fair…idols on stage ready to perform with rows of seats in front of them, crowds everywhere, bright and colorful decorations, and street vendors selling food.  Yesterday we saw several parades in the streets with idols held up high leading the procession.  In the streets many women are lined up with offering baskets on their heads waiting to present their gifts to these idols.  The most disturbing image was a man lying in the street tormented by a spirit.  At first I thought he was in extreme pain thrashing around…arms and legs convulsing, but I knew it was demon possession.  The people gathered around him were laying down gifts and insence….they were worshipping the spirit that was being channeled.   

I witnessed  this on my way to a small church here in Raipur.  What a great time of worship and prayer I had with the handful of believers.  God’s presence was so strong and so real…The light is brightest when darkness is all around.  The evangelist preached God’s word in a true straightforward way….I was impressed.  These believers do not take their conversion lightly.  The government in this state is not friendly towards Christianity and may persecute them at any time.  Many have been abandoned by their families for turning against Hinduism.  Several of the young girls from the orphanage were there, and so happy to see us.  They are friendly with big smiles and lots of questions.  What a blessing they are…I look forward to seeing them again soon.  After church we went to a large indoor bazaar (like Wal-Mart) to buy things for the upcoming conference.  Back to the hotel which is a good home away from home to discuss upcoming events.  Waiting to see what God does in the next few days….keep me and the team in prayer.


Preparing for India October 10, 2010

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Preparing to go on a new adventure that will start this week.  My mind wants to know what is it going to be like?  what  will I experience? What will happen from this trip?  I have many things to do before I go….my mind goes in many directions.  I am asking the Lord for an upgrade (I am on the standby list) for my Chicago to Delhi, Delhi to Chicago legs of the trip so I can sleep.  I want to be rested so I can mentally/physically function and not be achy when I get there (Fibromyalgia much better but not completely gone).  

As a visionary, I see the power of God at work in so many ways in so many places around our world.  We are entering a time we have studied and read about, but are not sure of how it will all happen.  I can either stress out about my life, our country, our world, or do what I am called to do following Him.   Keeping the faith is drawing closer to Him, knowing  that being used by Him, intimacy with Him, is what I desire the most.  Keeping the faith is not persevering through difficult times until I get what I need or want so I can feel happy, relieved, settled again.  I am realizing more and more that expectations of work, family, and life is not what my generation thought it would be….

How honored I am that I can get to know the Hindu women in India, who have received their first micro-loan this year to start a business.  Most are single Moms who want to feed their children and give them education.  I am honored to get to know the students at the Good Smaritan School in Delhi, who have come from the streets, and are on the path to a better life through Him.